Orthopedic Surgery Equipment

Philips BV-Pulsera c-arm

Philips BV-Pulsera C-Arm

The Philips BV-Pulsera c-arm is one of the most advanced c-arms available today. It is capable of enhance imaging with pulsed acquisition at up to 30 pulses per second to give you superior images at lower radiation doses while virtually eliminating motion artifacts.

The BV-Pulsera's rotating anode penetrate at the lowest dose necessary, regardless of patient size by following DoseWise to expose patients to ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) doses of radiation.

The MobileView Station's touchscreen monitor display, single-user concept, and Anatomically Programmed Fluoroscopy (APF), all combine to make the BV Pulsera very user-friendly and easy-to-use.

Smith+Nephew LENS 4K surgical imaging system.jpg

Smith+Nephew LENS 4K Surgical Imaging System

Smith+Nephew’s LENS 4K system includes a camera control unit with an integrated light source, camera head, image management options, and tablet application in a single solution. The latest native 4K 3CMOS ultra-high definition technology combined with the firm’s advanced image and light processing will help generate better color reproduction, image clarity, and depth of field. Smith+Nephew has designed the LENS 4K system to minimize the complexity in equipment management and maximize OR workflows, in addition to providing better image quality.

Smith & Nephew T-MAX Beach Chair

Smith & Nephew T-MAX Beach Chair

The T-Max Beach Chair places the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and surgical staff in a good situation for beach chair shoulder procedures, providing the tools needed to easily position patients. The adjustable legs allow the T-Max to attach to many commonly used OR tables and securely position patients up to 350 lbs with a minimum height of 5’2”. Securely holds the patient while positioning and re-positioning between 0 and 90 degrees. The T-Max Beach Chair is designed to be used in conjunction with the Smith and Nephew Spider 1 and Spider 2 Limb Positioners.



The TRIMANO FORTIS support arm acts as an additional surgical assistant by securely and safely holding the patient’s arm in any desired position during arthroscopic or open elbow surgery. The compact and lightweight device is easily attached to any OR table Clark rail and is ready for immediate use. The patient’s arm can be moved in any direction by simply pressing the handle. Releasing the handle locks it into the desired position. The convenient TRIMANO Elbow Kit includes a sterile drape for the support arm and an ergonomically designed foam arm holder.